Pancake Bay

This summer has been beyond hectic; I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I am in the home stretch. I wrote my nutrition exam at the end of July, submitted all of the paperwork required for the end of my internship, and took three days off from the lab to go to Pancake Bay with my family for the long weekend. Camping is one of my absolute favourite things in the whole entire world.


Located on lake Superior between Wawa and Sault St. Marie (for all you Ontario folks), I’m of the personal opinion that these waters are the most gorgeous in all of Ontario. The lake was frigid due to the late thaw and cool temperatures we’ve been experiencing, but that was hardly a deterrent. While there, we made a short trip down to see the Agawa pictographs. Left by the indigenous peoples as long as a few hundred years ago, it’s amazing how well preserved these still are!


We took couple of hikes, the first of which ending with us bushwhacking our way through the forest in search of a Geocache. In case you were wondering, we didn’t find it – something about my brother’s handheld GPS being out of calibration. We DID however stumble upon the strangest little camp set up in the middle of the forest. I don’t have a picture, since my phone died. Instead, I’ll provide you with a view of the gorgeous northern Ontario jungle I trekked through in flip-flops:


Our second hike brought us high up to a view of the entire bay and surrounding area. I’m always so amazed at – and grateful for – all the untouched wilderness that surrounds us here in Canada. It’s a beautiful wilderness.

IMG_5079 IMG_5061

The rest of the summer’s looking promising. I have seven days left in the lab, one weekend of work, one soccer game, a practice, and a tournament to coach before I head out to Ottawa to spend a couple of weeks with my best friend and hopefully do some shadowing in a hospital. I’m almost through all of my MCAT content review and am ready to start drilling practice problems and tackling a couple of practice exams. At the end of the month, I have another wedding, and then school starts. Bring it! 🙂

A quick HA update: So far I’ve had three cycles spaced quite regularly. I am beyond excited about this fact, and am looking forward to incorporating more exercise into my routine, as time permits. This summer I’ve mostly limited my movement to roughly an hour of walking on most days, courtesy of my commute to and from work. I’d like to start lifting some weights, do yoga once a week, and perhaps add some sprints (as time permits). I plan to proceed slowly and cautiously, monitoring the impact of exercise on my cycle and of course ensuring that I have an adequate caloric intake. 🙂

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