A Partial Exhale

Well, today is the CaRMS Application submissions deadline. I've submitted seventeen applications to my field of choice, spanning fourteen schools. Some of my colleagues have applied far more broadly, some far less; some are still wrapping up their applications, taking advantage of the final five or so hours we have to make edits. I'm waiting … Continue reading A Partial Exhale

How I Travel with an 18+4L Backpack (and my purse)

It's that (travel) time of year again! I'm writing from a train to Toronto, where hopefully I'll be able to upload pictures and this post (fingers crossed; the WiFi bandwidth isn't great). This year's trip is to Italy, purely for leisure, with a friend. We're starting off in Rome, travelling to Isola d'Elba to soak … Continue reading How I Travel with an 18+4L Backpack (and my purse)