T-28 (in lists)

On April 18th, I will have fulfilled the last remaining requirement for my undergraduate degree. The total list of things I have to do now includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • One midterm (yep, this late. I don’t know if we can call this that anymore)
  • Defending my thesis (my presentation is, by and large, made up)
  • Submitting my actual thesis paper (also, by and large, written up)
  • Two final exams.

Other fun activities include:

  • Applying to grad school (yes, I really should get on that)
  • A medical school interview
  • Presenting at two conferences
  • Two choral concert
  • A band concert
  • A possible second band concert

Summer plans (in order, more or less):

  • A trip through the Benelux region (Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands)
  • A road trip through Iceland with friends
  • Graduation
  • Soccer – coaching and playing
  • A music festival or two
  • Finishing that darn novel and beginning revision
  • Piano lessons
  • Work
  • More running, more weight-lifting
  • More yoga, more climbing
  • (Potentially) starting my Master’s degree
  • Moving into a place of my own (I think I’ve settled on a place)
  • Adopting an elderly cat
  • Taking up ballroom dance

To say that I am excited is… an overstatement, actually. For once. (Haha.)

I can’t actually imagine getting to – having gotten to – this stage, never mind how I got here, exactly. The other day, I was sitting in thesis class, a slide reading “THE LAST TWO WEEKS” looming ominously overhead, when my name with “B.Sc. (Hons.)” after it floated into my conscious and made my heart skip once. Then again. That strange feeling of untethering coupled with a not-unpleasant form of anxiety washed over me, and I entirely lost track of what my professor was saying.

Then the prof said something about how it’s “only a thesis, so stop looking so worried”, and nervous laughter brought me back into myself.

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