A Season of Change


This winter sunrise scene has, at last, given way to spring. It feels absolutely lovely.

My undergraduate degree is complete. I have an awesome – AWESOME  – graduate program lined up, a summer job. I leave for Europe in ten days. I’m waiting to hear back from two medical schools. Friendships wax and wane. Relationships statuses are changing on Facebook: from “in a relationship” to “engaged” or “single”.

These past fours years have been a blur. Did I really take four lab courses that one semester? Self-study for my MCAT? Travel to Fiji, New York, Mexico, Ottawa (countless times..), Toronto? Manage to not pass out during (and, subsequently, not fail) my G2 exit test? So many new and repeated experiences. So many growing pains. I wake up sometimes to the realization that I am miles and miles away from my eighteen year old self.

This summer, I am determined to focus more on my growth. Work less, play more. Practice mindfulness, yoga, meditation. Seek adventures. Finish that novel. Let go of relationships no longer serving me, and further develop those that do. Explore my own backyard. Move out; host dinner parties. Find a drink with gin that I don’t find abominable.

Oh, and spend less time pinning quotes on Pinterest. 😉

best adventure

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