How I Travel with an 18+4L Backpack (and my purse)

It's that (travel) time of year again! I'm writing from a train to Toronto, where hopefully I'll be able to upload pictures and this post (fingers crossed; the WiFi bandwidth isn't great). This year's trip is to Italy, purely for leisure, with a friend. We're starting off in Rome, travelling to Isola d'Elba to soak … Continue reading How I Travel with an 18+4L Backpack (and my purse)


Hands up if performance evaluations are the bane of your existence? That's definitely my case. It's interesting, because I like performing on its own. Auditions? Not so much those - but I'm considerably less nervous when I'm standing on stage, where my objective is to enjoy whatever it is I'm presenting. Raise the stakes, however slightly, … Continue reading OSCEs