The past six weeks have been... eventful, to say the least. I travelled through six countries; my relationship of four years ended; I got accepted to medical school; I graduated from university; my grandfather passed away; I left one job to begin another; I've been to concerts and seen dozens of people and have laughed and cried … Continue reading Peace

Exams, Whole30, and Other Musings

Once again, exams are thrust upon us. I've been mostly following a study schedule I made up for myself mid-March; my first exam is this evening, and I feel well-prepared, though cautious and most certainly not overconfident. This particular prof's examination style is somewhat intense, with negative-marking multiple choice questions making up half the exam … Continue reading Exams, Whole30, and Other Musings


January is probably my least favourite month. Maybe it's the post-holiday letdown, or the whole "getting back to the grind" thing - those likely have as much to do with it as does the weather (cold, dark with slowly-lenthening days, dreary). Whatever it is, I'm feeling a distinct sense of disquiet, as though something's amiss. … Continue reading January