A Partial Exhale

Well, today is the CaRMS Application submissions deadline. I've submitted seventeen applications to my field of choice, spanning fourteen schools. Some of my colleagues have applied far more broadly, some far less; some are still wrapping up their applications, taking advantage of the final five or so hours we have to make edits. I'm waiting … Continue reading A Partial Exhale

You don’t owe anyone your story.

I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me over the course of the past year, primarily since speaking at an “Our Stories” event hosted by the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine (that was an incredible experience – it was such a privilege to hold space with so many and to hear so many heartbreaking/inspiring/tragic/hopeful … Continue reading You don’t owe anyone your story.

Car Chronicles (Upon Another Sleepless Night)

This marks the third night straight I've been unable to sleep. This is possibly the most "woe-to-my-first-world-problems" entry I've ever written. It's meant to be funny, is supposed to be quite tongue-in-cheek, and probably comes across as rambling. Saturday night was a "Back-to-Ottawa-BBQ-Birthday-Bash" for my lovely new roommate, during which I met a bunch of her friends … Continue reading Car Chronicles (Upon Another Sleepless Night)