A Partial Exhale

Well, today is the CaRMS Application submissions deadline. I've submitted seventeen applications to my field of choice, spanning fourteen schools. Some of my colleagues have applied far more broadly, some far less; some are still wrapping up their applications, taking advantage of the final five or so hours we have to make edits. I'm waiting … Continue reading A Partial Exhale


Hands up if performance evaluations are the bane of your existence? That's definitely my case. It's interesting, because I like performing on its own. Auditions? Not so much those - but I'm considerably less nervous when I'm standing on stage, where my objective is to enjoy whatever it is I'm presenting. Raise the stakes, however slightly, … Continue reading OSCEs

Minimalist Travel: European Spring Edition

Summer is here! Well, not officially, but we've been privy to some gorgeous weather and warm temperatures this side of the Atlantic. I'm about a third of the way through a trip through Germany, the Benelux region, and Iceland. So far, I've explored Bavaria from München, visited the Rhine and Black Forest from Frankfurt, and … Continue reading Minimalist Travel: European Spring Edition