12 Day Dubai + Maldives Itinerary (from Toronto)

We’re getting married in under a year (!!) and my medical school graduation is about 12 months away. It’s a hectic time right now, what with wrapping up my core clerkship rotations and wedding planning, and naturally I’m looking ahead to what comes after – my graduation trip and our honeymoon!

Deciding where to go was entirely too easy. Going to Dubai has been on Jacob’s list for a while now (an engineering grad and tech geek to the core, something about this city intrigues him), and I, in an uncharacteristic departure from my usual minimalist-kind-of-rough-it travel style, am craving rest and relaxation and drinks and beaches and warm ocean water with nothing to do at all.

(This might have to do with having been in placements and spending most of my limited vacation time travelling around the province and catching up with old friends – necessary, soul-nourishing, wonderful, and yet… I need a vacation-vacation.)

So, without further ado, here’s the preliminary sketch of our Honeymoon/Grad Trip to Dubai and the Maldives!

Part 1: 3 Nights in Dubai

Day 1: Travel from Toronto to Dubai

Our plans see us leaving from Toronto mid-afternoon on a Wednesday to arrive in Dubai via direct flight at 11:30 or so UAE time the following morning (aka: Thursday).

Day 2: A Half Day in Dubai

It’s a bit early to check into our hotel (the Oberoi Dubai), but we’ll head there anyway to see if we can drop our bags and/or try to check in.

The Oberoi Pool
Photo from Booking.com

After (hopefully) freshening up a little, we’ll catch the next shuttle to the Dubai Mall for a bite to eat, some shopping, and general admiration of the indoor aquarium and skating rink.

In the evening, we’ll catch the Dubai Fountain Show before making heading to our dinner reservation at At.Mosphere (located on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest tower in the world).

Day 3: Brunch and Relaxation

Friday is the start of the Emirati weekend (and the Holy day), which means that everything quiets down and the expat brunch scene comes to life. We plan on heading to the Crab Market to enjoy their seafood brunch and champagne, but this is still a bit up in the air.

Depending on the weather and how we’re feeling, we might then head to Jumeirah Beach to enjoy the ocean for a while (believe it or not, Jacob has yet to swim in any ocean anywhere!) or will simply go to back to our hotel to sleep away our full bellies, relax in the pool, and perhaps enjoy a spa treatment.

Day 4: Dune Bashing and Camels

Our morning plans are up in the air! We may head to Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood for an idea of what living in Old Dubai was like, or simply relax at our hotel all morning. We are on our honeymoon, after all!

In the afternoon and evening, we’re taking a desert safari and BBQ dinner at a traditional Bedouin-style camp, likely via Arabian Adventures. I’m really looking forward to this experience and extensively decorating my body with Henna! Jacob’s also hoping to do some driving over the dunes – when we’re closer to setting up all of our activities, we’ll see if we can put together a custom package.

Day 5: Deira and Dinner Cruising

It wouldn’t be a complete trip to Dubai without visiting the old part of the city, or Deira, and its famed gold and spice souks, where I plan on doing much of my souvenir shopping for family and friends. After check-out and dropping our bags at the airport we’ll head here in the early afternoon for a welcome escape from the city skyscrapers, and will travel by abra (small boat) back to Dubai proper for some last-minute wandering before our dinner cruise.

Our flight to Malé, Maldives leaves at the odd hour of 2:30am, so we’ll head to the airport after our dinner cruise to collect our bags and relax in one of the airport lounges before catching maybe four hours of Zzzzs on the flight.

Part 2: 4 Nights in the Maldives

This and below pictures from Booking.com – I take no credit for these images.

Day 6: Arrival in Male and Transfer to the Resort

We’re arriving in Male early in the morning. Being a nation of islands and atolls, all transfers take place via either speedboat or sea plane. We’re travelling by speedboat to our resort. Times are TBD.

Day 6.5 – 10: Maldivian Relaxation

We’re spending four luxurious nights at Oblu Select at Sangeli, a new resort on the North Male Atoll. We’ve opted for an ocean villa (without pool) at an all-inclusive rate, and fully intend on spending the four or so days we have here relaxing and doing not much else. 🙂 We’re here at the start of the rainy season, and so we’re crossing our fingers for nice weather!

Day 10 – 12: Travel Home

It can take a while to travel home to Canada from the Maldives. Since we don’t have our flights booked yet, itineraries get us back to Toronto either on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

That sums up our honeymoon and grad trip plans! I’m so looking forward to jetting off and enjoying some time eating, drinking and celebrating some major milestones with my partner. 🙂

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