Mother’s Day

Yesterday was mother’s day. I had the day off work, and spent a wonderful day with my mom – we went out for lunch, and spent some time with mMother's Day 2015y grandmother. We’re about to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode; afterwards I’ll return to the house I’m sitting to cuddle up with the dog (who insists on sharing the bed) and snag a few hours of rest.

I wrote a short poem yesterday morning, reflecting my thoughts on motherhood. I’m at a strange age where it seems that half my friends are “exploring their sexuality” (in whatever that may entail), a solid number are getting married and/or are having children themselves, and the remainder are happily single and/or in steady relationships with no intention of pursuing anything further in the near future. I’m sure that my perspective on what it is to be a mother will change dramatically over the next few decades, particularly if I do end up having children of my own some day, but it’s an interesting exercise – and it made my mother tear up, which is (usually) a good sign. 😉

Reflections on Motherhood

Bringing a child into the world
Because you want one is
By definition, a selfish act

A fundamentally human act
Becoming, in that first breath
A lifetime project in selflessness

I was, and am a wanted child
Born into a stable nuclear family
And I know that I’m lucky

To never have witnessed the rows
Of two people wrong for each other
To never have felt unloved

My mother has always been
A pillar of strength in my life
Her love ties us all together.

As I’ve grown, I’ve developed a concept of
The weight that a mother’s actions bear
In the shaping of sons and daughters

Because I am also selfish
And fundamentally human
I envision a child of my own one day

They will carry the weight of the experiences
Of all the strong women who moulded me
Either present or implied in my own mother’s teachings

And I can only hope
To raise them with as much
Unselfishness and awareness

To have them feel as important
Supported, free to speak and share
To know that there is a home to come back to

And above all, to have them feel as loved
As my mother has always made
And makes me feel today.

Happy mother’s day to all the moms out there! May you all feel as cherished and loved as you deserve, today and every day.

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