November Things

1) Yesterday, I attended my first two formal yoga classes in nearly four years. I wound up winning a month of free yoga, which was really cool considering that I’ve been thinking of getting a membership or class pass to this particular studio for, oh, about a year – and now I have no excuse at all (for a month at least).

2) I’m writing a paper on the motor consequences of encephalitis for my neuromotor control class, and let me just say that this area is extraordinarily broad. I have a month exactly to get through this paper, and I’m hoping that I make good headway today (before and after my eight hour work shift, that is).

3) I also need to work on that review paper for my lab; I have until January first to submit the completed chapter, which realistically means that I need to have the full rough draft done by the end of this month to allow for revisions and such. I can’t even proceed much until our next lab meeting on Wednesday, so there’s that.

4) My motivation to do my school work is decreasing. Besides those two papers, I have a short paper I need to just do for my biomechanics class, two more lab reports for biomechanics and biochem respectively, and one more group lab report (plus a lab exam at the end of term) to get ready for. I also have two more “mid-terms” (we are definitely beyond mid-term). I just need to buckle down and do it. I need to spend a day (or more realistically, five hours or so) at the library sometime this week to just get sh*t done.

5) I. am. so. freaking. excited. for. December. 15th. My last exam runs until 5pm, at which time I will promptly return home and collapse into a happy-comatose-type sleep. I’m telling myself that I only have thirty-six days until I can take a well-earned mental break, though I don’t know that my brain really believes that at this point.

6) Well, this was a boringly self-centred redux of my life, which currently revolves around school and exercise, sometimes combined (we did power testing in my Exphys lab this week). I’ll be back soon with something more interesting!

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