Women on Water Paddling Festival

I just spent a marvellous weekend at a women’s paddling retreat hosted by Wild Women Expeditions (<— awesome organization for women only – they have trips and expeditions all over the world!). Around 150 women from all over Canada and the United States came together at camp Tapawingo, Parry Sound, to participate in different paddling classes at an event called “Women on Water”. I went with my mom, a friend, andy er mom. There were three water sport offerings: kayak, canoe, and stand-up paddle board (SUP). I decided to spend my weekend SUPing, having never done so before. The verdict? I LOVE it. The stroke for SUP is the same as a sprint kayak stroke, and I had no trouble adapting to standing.

SUP Beach

All in all, the weekend was extremely relaxing. We slept in camp cabins on bunk beds. Mom insisted I take the top bunk (fine by me!). Wake-up call was at 6:30. I joined the masses of bleary-eyed people lining up for coffee before heading off to the 7am yoga practices. Every time I take a yoga class, I am amazed at how quickly my flexibility improves. Probably due to the fact that I don’t practice nearly enough (I’m sure I’d stop seeing rapid improvement rapidly, haha), but still – being able to touch my toes without bending my knees amazes me. It’s the little things.


My last event of the weekend was a SUP yoga class. Guys, I am in love. Doing yoga on a paddle board adds a whole new element of stability/core work and zen. I managed to pull off a headstand on my board. It was so fun! This whole weekend was so empowering; I highly recommend Wild Women if you’re looking for a fun and active getaway.


It felt so good to just get away; to stop worrying about school and lab work and work work and having to be anywhere but in the moment. I’m back now, incubating my membranes in primary antibodies again (we just got a new shipment on Friday!). Tonight’s review topic is momentum (physics Mondays! Good thing the boy is a physics whiz. Fun fact: some of our first dates involved him saving my butt by giving me a crash course in physics just before my senior year final exam). Other plans involve watching Game of Thrones and drinking tea – I have a bit of a sore throat, which has me craving soup even in this gorgeous weather.

Another update: My hormonal issues I talked about in November seem to have finally started to resolve themselves! I started my period on Friday, the day I left for my trip (“great” timing, but kind of fitting). I am honestly so, so grateful. Really. I will never take this for granted, ever.

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