It’s Christmas!

Whew, where has the month gone!?


I seriously can’t believe exams are over (it’s been five days now), let alone that it’s Christmas day!

Honestly, it’s been a great month. Filled with exams and studying, travel, family, friends, great food and drinks. I love the holidays. Highlights:

IMG_4308  IMG_4351

Asymmetric bob haircut and dressing up for dinner

IMG_4378   IMG_4387


Baking with the littlest sister and 6:30am bus rides to work

IMG_4385   IMG_4369

Time with the bestie and my cousin

IMG_4370   IMG_4346

Chili topped with poached egg and avocado; Gelato from Stella Luna

IMG_4361  IMG_4390


My aunt’s famous margueritas and coffee with eggnog (tis the season!)

IMG_4399  IMG_4402

Christmas dinner eats

IMG_4403  IMG_4406


From my parents (left: books, LunchBots, recipe binder) and from the boy (FitBit Force; he knows me well 😀 ) – some gifts

Merry Christmas to all, and a happy season to everyone who celebrates another holiday or doesn’t celebrate at all. I hope everyone is spending quality time with loved ones, and that if you’re as buried in snow as we are you’re comfortable and warm! 😉




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