Misc. Photos and Research

Good evening, everyone! More shoddy iPhone photos to share – the (hopefully not too) long-term plan is to develop my photography skills. (I have lots of plans. Bear with me! 😉 )

– Quick dinners (eggs, avocado and salsa, melon wrapped in ham)


– Ancient buses


(Witness the crazy seat pattens/70s wood barrier? 😉 )


– Nerdy molecule tattoo design on the back of homework (I kind of really want this on my ribcage…)


– Well-received double chocolate chip banana bread


* * *

I have developed a mild fascination/obsession with hormones, particularly leptin. I’m thinking I’ll do a series of posts on various hormones and what they do. It’s such an interesting topic, particularly if you’re into biochemistry. I love what I’m studying. 😀

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