Moodiness and Pancakes

I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. A combination of many things, most likely. Staring down the prospect of four lab reports to write up, two group projects that are moving only ever so slowly, an overwhelmingly full schedule that doesn’t look like it’ll let up until Christmas, the recent confirmation that I have hypothalamic amenorrhea, a bedroom I desperately have to clean…

And so I did the only logical thing to do when you’re having a rough start. Which is, obviously, to make yourself pancakes. These were of the gluten-free blueberry variety. Absolutely perfect with bacon, maple syrup and chocolate almond milk.


Whatever it was, I felt moody. Overwhelmed. Uninspired, life out-of-control. I didn’t even want to shower. But I did, because life has to go on. And immediately began to feel better. I made it to school without much incident, broke my brain over an online orgo quiz, and resisted the urge to slam my laptop shut (as I may or may not have done yesterday). Hazelnut coffee helped me keep my cool.

It must be something in the air. My physiology prof came into class today, put up with power point presentation, and stood at the front of the class regarding us all. “I honestly don’t want to teach today.” We all shut up quickly. “Would you all mind just filling out the course evaluation? You can feel free to leave afterwards. We”ll resume next week.” And he walked out.

Works for me.

I guess we all have those days. Days where lying in bed and staring at the ceiling sounds just that much more appealing than getting up and facing the world. Days where the smallest of things (or even nothing at all) can make us want to burst into tears. I also think that we have a huge impact on our days and moods. And so even though I was just not feelin’ life in general, I made a point of smiling as much as possible.

And, of course, I made myself pancakes.

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