Dinner for Two

Thursdays are relatively long days. Though my classes this semester only start at ten in the morning, allowing me to sleep in (that never happens, however; I’m an early bird, through and through), and I only have two classes back-to-back, band rehearsal keeps me at the university until six.

Tonight was fun – a good friend and I went out to eat. We went to our favourite restaurant first, but it was PACKED (it’s a bar, so Thursday nights are usually busy, and apparently ZZ Top is performing here tonight so parking was also impossible), and ended up going to an Italian restaurant down the street which, being “not a bar”, managed to squeeze us in wait-free.

To start, we split a bacon, berry and parmesan salad. Actually, she ordered it, but I took a (skeptical) bite and proceeded to devour half of it no problem. The dressing was amazing, too – olive oil, honey, soy, and lemon juice. I’m absolutely recreating this salad the next time the urge for greens strikes!

For my entrée, I settled for the chicken saltimbocca with brandied mushrooms with extra broccolini. The chicken, which was perfectly cooked, came wrapped in prosciutto and topped with Buffalo mozzarella (can you say yum?). The broccolini was also perfectly done (aka, still crisp and not at all tough) and lightly drizzled with the most fragrant olive oil (perks of a good Italian restaurant!). The following picture doesn’t do it justice at all – iPhones are badly adapted to dim light. 😉


And, of course, there’s always room to split dessert! We ordered the dark chocolate cheesecake eruption, which was exactly what it sounds like: a giant piece of creamy, almost more mousse-like cheesecake on a moist chocolate cake base studded with white chocolate cheesecake. Topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, it was pretty much heaven.

I love a nice dinner out with a good friend. While I love cooking, there’s something fantastic about sharing a good meal you don’t have to prepare for yourself, especially at the end of a long day. We caught up and talked about life in general.

2 thoughts on “Dinner for Two

  1. I couldn’t agree more! It’s nice to cook but nothing like having a great meal cooked for you. And don’t even get me started on iphone pics! I’m not quite at the point of doing this but have definitely considered eating with the 5:00 PM early birds so I can at least get some natural light and do the food justice….I may have gone off the deep end if I do start doing this!


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