It’s been a crazy, crazy month. That is to say, October absolutely flew by. (Yes, I am aware that we’re five days into November. What can I say? It takes me lots of time to consolidate things).


It was a month of school projects and quality time with family and friends. It kicked off with midterms (which I’m still in the midst of – organic chem tomorrow, yikes!), ran straight into Canadian thanksgiving, and continued without pause right into study week (which I spent on the beach in Mexico with my family), and culminated with Halloween, a day I spent partying it up with the rest of the university students my age wrote up a lab report and went to bed.  At nine.

Don’t worry, ample chocolate was consumed. I’m not a total party-pooper. Peanut butter cups are my love language.


I made good food, taking advantage of seasonal produce to make breakfasts like sweet potato and bacon hash topped with poached eggs. (Okay, I eat sweet potatoes year ’round. I’ve just been eating somewhat more of them.)


… But I digress. This isn’t supposed to be a food post. I might do one of those eventually; my tastes in food evolve based on what’s available, and there are a few new things I’m obsessing over eating. 

There are two big events from last month that are occupying my mind currently. The first being that I am currently taking Provera to try and sort out some hormonal issues. I’ve always been extremely against taking hormones in any way or form and have been extremely conscious in eliminating potential dietary sources such as soy and conventionally-raised beef (thankfully in Canada, growth hormones aren’t present in dairy). I firmly believe that everyone should do what’s right for them, and I am in no way saying that there’s anything wrong with using hormonal pills or devices. My personal reasons against these lie in the fact that I’ve always had some hormonal irregularities and I’d prefer to try and sort those out before adding another influence to the mix. I have a lot more to say about this stuff – I feel like it’s an under-represented issue, particularly in young women my age, but that’s also not for today’s post.

The other major change is that I’ve CHANGED PROGRAMS. Yup. I am now a biochemistry major. I’ve found myself to be disinterest in and, well, not exactly challenged by my classes. I don’t want to be a kinesiologist. I don’t even especially want to work anywhere in the fitness industry at this point. Don’t get me wrong – I love health and exercise and strive to make both a priority in my life, but lately I’ve been fascinated by chemistry, particularly the aspects that pertain to the human body and cellular function. Organic chemistry is my favourite course at present. It’s not the course I’m getting my best grade in, but it’s difficult, which is stimulating and keeps me interested.

Perhaps this is the month I’ll get out of this “once a month” posting scheme. 😉


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