A Few Things

I’ve been wondering how to get into the flow of blogging for a while now. I mean, this blog will be my third or fourth attempt at writing and keeping one.


The main problem I’ve found is that I haven’t found my voice yet. I love to write, and more-or-less regularly keep a journal. I’m passionate about a lot of things.

Travel, for one.


I could blog about my travels, past and future. I could discuss Thailand, Cambodia, Fiji – the joie-de-vivre of the thai, the stoicism of the cambodians, the relaxedness of the fijians. I could discuss buddhist temples, the awe-inspiring walk through the Angkor Wat, of swimming with manta rays in the south pacific. I could talk food – delicious pad thai from street vendors, my favourite cashew chicken stir fry, the deep-fried eggplant and pancakes that were more than bland. We could even wander into more serious talk and discuss the plastic pollution, the bones of countless families murdered by their own country leaders, a history of cannibalism.

I could wax poetic about being a student – my full-time. I could talk about my studies, my love for chemistry and my inability to grasp anatomy. I could talk about my future goals, how I organize my time, how I deal with stress – all the things bloggers love to post about and I love to read, despite the redundancy. Other people’s lives are interesting.

Ramsey sunset

I could talk about my life, for that matter. I could talk about my anxiety, my love for moving, the strategies I employ to temper my drive for perfection. I could talk about music and my love for classical piano, or how I play the baritone saxophone and love to sing in choirs. I could go on about how alternative rock is my favourite music genre and most of the pop songs on the radio drive me crazy (except for the few I actually love).

We could get into food, because I am an absolute foodie and love everything. We could get into exercise and nutrition, which is actually a large part of what I’m studying in university. I could literally go on forever about my love of thai and indian curries, coffee, salsa and avocados, gelato, dark chocolate, sashimi, wine, hummus, roasted beets, bacon, fresh fruit, cheesecake and all things seafood.


I could talk about the minimalist lifestyle I’m trying to create, or about the life changes all nearly-twenty-year-olds inevitably experience. I could talk about trying to develop my sense of style, decorate my room and eventual apartment/home. I could get into my crazy wonderful family, my neurotic friends, my beautiful old-lady cat. I could use this as a place to post my attempts at photography (yes, most of my photos are currently taken via iPhone).

At the end of the day, I guess this post is going to be about all of these things. Those little beautiful, interesting, stressful, striking, terrifying, dynamic, weird pieces that make up my life. And maybe – just maybe – you’ll find something here that makes you smile or makes you think.


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