A New Month’s Promise

It’s a new month; already, I feel like summer has passed, and autumn is well on its way. The temperature, not especially warm to begin with, seems to be dropping, and I’m exchanging my summer shorts and t-shirts for jeans and sweaters. The upcoming month and school year bring that fickle sense of excitement and motivation – the one that spurs new hopes but always seems to dissipate as the days go on. I’m determined, as always, to keep it within my grasp, use it to achieve something. I have multiple ambitions: read more french novels, write more regularly, get more sleep, worry less, keep my room cleaner, among others. Ambitions, for these are fluid ideas, hardly specific enough to be goals; still, I endeavour to make these more concrete. I spent a few hours organizing my space this evening, and I plan to finish before classes officially begin on September 4th.

Though I’m ready for classes to start, it’s true that the summer months have flown by quickly – and they’ve been wonderful. A trip to visit family and friends in Ottawa, summer calculus to reduce this year’s course load, an anniversary trip to Toronto with the boy, finally obtaining the next grade in my driver’s license, a volunteering trip abroad, visits from out of town and time spent with loved ones, with a healthy smattering of scares and quiet moments in between. The days have blended together, clearly distinct but in many ways the same. It’s an odd thing, difficult to explain with words.

One week ago today, I was huddled in my sleeping bag in a tent with my brother and the boyfriend, falling into the kind of deep sleep that can only be brought on by a thunderstorm and fresh air. Killarney is, without a doubt, one of my absolute favourite places in Ontario – I am grateful for the abundance of beautiful scenery just a stone’s throw away from home.

One month ago today, I was on a connecting flight from LA to Toronto, the last leg in my journey home from a life-changing month spent volunteering with people from around the world in the beautiful island nation of Fiji. Still processing everything I’d seen and experienced over the past four weeks, I was anxiously awaiting my reunion with the people I love.

One year ago today, I had just completed my very first day of university – the first day of an outdoor easy course with every other first year in the school of human kinetics. I hadn’t really met anyone, my introverted side choosing to make an appearance and rendering me quiet and quintessentially invisible in the chaos that was occurring. Slightly overwhelmed, with not quite enough energy to be nervous or excited or any combination of both, I hoped against hope that this year would be amazing (It proceeded to be one of the best years of my short life to date).

Today, I worked as a leader for that very same course, meeting (and giving up on remembering the names of) the 170-or-so first years joining our faculty’s family. My confidence is sky-high, and I am excited for the future. This school year looks promising, and I am excited beyond words to see what it brings.

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